Great Cities Have Great Main Streets.  Shouldn’t We?

Denver is booming, but East Colfax Avenue is being left behind.

In 2015, we worked with the community, city staff and urban planning firm Design Workshop to create a plan for streetscape improvements in the BID district.  The goal is to enhance local identity, attract new business and make it safer for everyone to get around.  Proposed improvements include repairing sidewalks and medians, adding pedestrian lighting and bike racks, and improving pedestrian crossings.  Public art is recommended as well.

Three other Colfax BIDs are also proposing improvements to pedestrian crossings on Colfax.  We’re working together as a corridor to get these projects done.

Capital improvements will need to be publicly financed through general obligation bonds. A public vote is scheduled for November, 2017. In order to make the Colfax projects eligible, the BIDs have secured $500,000 in 2017 city funding to further each plan.

Project Information

Press Release

Latest News

Summary of the Colfax Corridor Pedestrian Improvement Project.

Summary of our plans for the Colfax Mayfair district.

More here on the Denver 2017 GO Bond.

Current Projects

The BID and Denver Public Works installed a bicycle lane and bike racks on Krameria Street between Colfax and 14th Avenue in 2016.  More bike racks and corrals will be installed throughout the district in 2017.

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